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Welcome to So Much Kula the home of Anusara Yoga in the Caribbean. Anusara is popular now throughout our islands and we have thriving Yoga communities in Barbados and in Trinidad and Tobago.

Yoga in Barbados continues to grow and we have new dedicated studios that offer Yoga and Wellness. We are busy building our community and thriving as we take our beautiful practices deeper and deeper.

We give huge thanks and blessings to all the amazing teachers who have taught Yoga in Barbados, Sianna, Neesha, Jordan, Sarah, Charley and to all of those people who are supporting the projects that we are working on and who see that this vision of unity is more than possible, it is probable with the right intention. Of course we also give huge thanks to our teacher John Friend who is our inspiration and who teaches us to see the Good in all things, all people but mostly in ourselves.

So Much Kula (Kula is the Sanskrit word for community of the heart), is inviting you to view what is happening in our community, we are inviting you to the heart of the Caribbean, its people, its diversity, its friendliness and to be part of our community of yogis.

If you are blessed to live in Barbados, well we hope to see you soon! Come join us at one of our studios check out our Yoga Schedules, meet up for meditation practice or delight in moonlight Kirtan practice.

We welcome you fully!

The Anusara Yoga Community In Barbados!